A Holiday Guarantee

Haven’t been to church for awhile? Never been to church? That’s really not that unusual – it actually makes you part of the majority my friend! So maybe you’re considering whether this Christmas season you should become a rebel and break away from the mold by attending church. Ahhh – if it were only that simple! Because almost the same moment you think about attending church this Christmas season – all of your current objections to attending church flash like warning lights at a Railroad crossing. If only church came with a guarantee of what to expect – then maybe the whole idea wouldn’t be so radical. So while I can’t speak for every church – I can at least speak for Crosspoint Church of Jonesborough, Tn. We’re offering Christmas attendees this season special holiday guarantees:


We guarantee your effort to attend is not a waste of time
The Christmas season is the perfect time to attend church. It is a great way to learn and understand some of the very basic beliefs of Christianity. We don’t even mind if you disagree with us. (Crosspoint is weird like that)

We guarantee you will find us obsessed about serving our community not ourselves
Some people avoid church during the Christmas season because they are afraid the church will expect a special “Christmas Gift” from all who attend. The only gifts we’re interested in @ Crosspoint are the gifts we give underprivileged children in our community through Shop With A Cop. We are obsessed with giving to others during this time of the year!

We guarantee you will not be bored with the lesson that is taught
Every Christmas we take a relevant look at the Christmas story. It’s not the same ole’ same ole’ every year. For instance, did you know that the parents of Jesus were on the verge of divorce just months before Jesus was born? We want you to know how the Christmas story impacts your life today in the 21st century!

We guarantee you will not be ignored or insulted
Crosspoint is not an “insiders” club. As hard as it may be for you to imagine – everyone is welcomed and wanted @ Crosspoint. We also guarantee that no insults will be directed toward those who are taking our church out for a test drive. We’re excited that you’re even interested in kicking the tires. We’re glad you’re here even if it’s only once.

We guarantee you will have such a great experience – it will cause you to consider returning
We honestly believe that your experience @ Crosspoint will be so different and refreshing that you just might consider coming back. And we guarantee you that we’ll be fine with that decision!

So there you have Crosspoint’s Holiday Guarantees to you this Christmas season. What are you waiting for? (oh, it’s not Sunday yet) OK, wait till it’s Sunday, jump in the car, and be the rebel you’ve always wanted to be – by attending church this Christmas season. We promise to honor our guarantees.