A Response to “Same Sex Marriage”

This past Sunday the Elders of Crosspoint gave the church our response to the Supreme Court ruling on “Same Sex Marriage.” Below you will find and be able to read our official response. But please allow me to preface our response with a few observations.

  • This decision should not have been a surprise. Public opinion has quickly sprung up in favor of this law – which might leave people scratching their heads wondering – how did that happen in America? It started on June 25, 1962 when the Supreme Court began their assault on Christian values by removing prayer from public schools. In a span of 53 years we went from a seemingly “harmless” decision to fundamentally redefining God’s institution of marriage.
  • We’re no longer a Christian nation and we need to accept that truth. President Obama was telling the truth on June 28, 2006 when he said, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation – at least, not just….” He went on to claim that we were a nation of many faiths implying that Christian values could no longer be the dominant values of our nation. The America many people grew up in has vanished. This is a new non Christian nation and the quicker we accept that – the better position we will be in to do what God wants us to do.
  • Believers have become missionaries in America. Missionaries go into a non-Christian country not expecting the government to rule in their favor. They do not expect the people of that country to embrace their values and views of life. Instead, they enter a country and learn the culture, build relationships, and look for opportunities to share how Jesus changes our life. That’s exactly the attitude we must now have in our own nation. No expectations of agreement – but watchful for opportunities to share.
  • Same Sex couples are not the only ones abusing God’s design of marriage. For decades married men and women have been having “affairs” with someone outside of marriage. People throw away marriage over trivial things rather than for biblical reasons. And singles are having sex outside of marriage as if God’s instruction that sex is reserved for marriage was something God really didn’t mean. So let’s keep things in perspective. Before we get all hot and angry at same sex couples – let’s also be angry over those who have sinned against the institution of marriage in other ways.

I hope now you can begin to understand the thinking behind our elders response to the Supreme Court decision on Friday.

This past Friday’s Supreme Court ruling to legalize and to institutionalize gay marriage is certainly disappointing. But unlike many of the reactions we have seen and read across social media – it is not a time to be disheartened, discouraged, panicked, fearful, or even angry.

As Elders of Crosspoint we feel it is important you hear from us as to how God is leading us to respond to this new day in America.
We are aware that Romans 13 tells us to be good citizens and to recognize government as a God given authority. The law of the land is the law of the land. But our calling is not of the government but from God himself. The church is not an institution of the government but of God himself and marriage is not something instituted by the government but by God himself.
When John and Peter were persecuted for breaking the rules in the Temple their response to the governing counsel was, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than to God, you be the judge; for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:19,20
Our response is no different. God is clearly the architect of marriage and has made his intent and purpose for marriage plain. A man is to leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two of them shall become one flesh. (Mark 10:6-9) God also clearly distinguished that marriage is reserved for a man and a woman who enter into a covenant relationship with God and each other.
While those in our present culture will look upon this position as archaic, old-fashioned, narrow-minded, and out of touch – we cannot turn our backs on and a blind eye to the truth of God’s word – just because 5 black robed fallible individuals declare God’s truth as irrelevant.
Because of this as Elders we make a pledge as well as chart a course for our church.
  • We will be committed to reaching out to Homosexuals and Heterosexuals with love and truth because Jesus died for all
  • Our mission and focus will remain unchanged despite the social conditions of our society
  • We will remain unwavering in our conviction that we will not perform a wedding ceremony that involves same sex couples because our authority to perform marriage ceremonies comes from God and his word. We will not place approval on something God disapproves of.
  • We will continue to proclaim and instruct others on the truth of God’s original design for marriage – one man and one woman.

We see the days ahead as an opportunity to engage our community in the hard conversations. We see the days ahead as an opportunity to show the love of God and not anger and hatred. In the early days of the church – it was maligned, persecuted and labored in a world gone mad with sin and yet it flourished. We serve God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever and what God blessed then he can and will bless now! So we urge you and us as a church family to enter this world with a renewed vision to be a light to the world around us.

Greg Doebler
Gary Delph
Stacy Melvin
Matt Pollock

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