Heavenly Worship

So often we think of Heaven as a stale and sterile place. But if we look at it through the eyes of worship it might change things. If we truly believe that Christ is freedom then shouldn’t we think along the same lines when it comes to Heaven?

Worship in Heaven is going to be overwhelming but not in the since that we think of ‘overwhelming’. Consider King David when he writes in Psalms. There had to be SUCH an overwhelming joy that he writes this to the Lord “Hallelujah, give thanks to the Lord because he is good, because his mercy endures forever…” (Psalms 106) When John writes about the Heavenly Host he tells us the same thing takes place in heaven “Hallelujah”!

Worship is freeing. Worship says to the Lord “I bow to you, I love you, and I need you”. True Christ-like worship is freeing. It’s our surrender to a perfect Savior who is worthy of our praise.

So how can our earthly worship represent our Heavenly worship? Can we apply biblical truths about what is to come to how we worship today? Sure we can! We already do in a lot of ways.

We have a weekly corporate worship with other believers gathered around the throne praising him freely. In heaven, our glorified bodies will be free from the bondage of sin thus freeing us to give unabandoned worship – completely surrendered to Christ. I challenge you to allow yourself to find this freedom in your own life. Here is how.

We often interpret worship with music. Though this is one form of worship we desire you to go deeper at Crosspoint. We can be in a deeper relationship with Christ as we dive into his word and grow our relationship with him through the scriptures. When we grow our relationship with him we realize more and more, and more that we have freedom. The freedom that only comes from a Savior. Your Savior! My Savior. Because he is that close and he desires that in your life as well. Worship IS FREEDOM. Worship is praise to our Father! Worship means going deeper. Dive deep and challenge yourself this week in the scripture. Find the freedom that only comes from the one who is the definition of Freedom.

Worship Big.

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