Hide and Go Seek

Psalm 139:7-12

Have you ever considered the game of Hide And Go Seek a game of intelligence? Most people don’t. But as a participant of the game – it did pay dividends if you were observant? Allow me to explain. When playing Hide And Go Seek, I enjoyed the hiding part of the game but I was never real thrilled to be the seeker. Some people are excellent hiders and it makes your turn seem like it lasts for an eternity. However, if you are an observer of the game – you picked up on the fact – some people had favorite hiding places and almost always used those same hiding spots – making it easier to find them when you’re “It”. Also if you paid attention, you would have noticed – some people are not very good at finding a hiding place. So when in doubt – always seek those people first! That’s why it was good to be an observer of the game.

As we leave our childhood years behind, we’re under the impression that we stop playing the game. In Psalm 139:7-12, David proposes that we sometimes not only do we still play the game – but we play a dangerous version of the game with God. It is amazing how many times in life we find ourselves either hiding from God or seeking God out. But there is something you need to know about playing the game with God. When it comes to the game of Hide And Go Seek – God is a lousy hider and an excellent seeker.

It’s Always Personal

When reading Psalm 139:7-12, something sort of leaps out at us. David makes 11 personal references to himself in these six verses. There is a truth lurking there for us to grasp. God is not an impersonal “force” or “cosmic mist” with spooky music playing in the background. Instead, we have a very personal God who desires a personal relationship with us. David approached his relationship with God and the truth of God’s word as being personal. The Bible is not an encyclopedia or a simple collection of facts – it is God’s letter to us and it’s always personal. We would do well to personally apply what God has to say in the Bible to our lives.

He’s Always Accessible

David points out that there is no place he can arrive in life from which he does not have access to God. God is not hiding from us in life – he is extremely accessible. David runs through a list of circumstances and hypothetical situations that he could find himself in. Not once does David ever find it possible to become isolated from God. No matter what happens in your life – there is never a point in which you are shut off from God.

It’s also important to know that no one can hide God from us. We live in a day and time in which the media, educators, philosophers, governments, and scientist are attempting to hide God from our view. God is being removed from the celebration of public holidays! Politicians have attempted to hide God from public schools by passing laws to remove prayer from schools. Scientist, attempt to hide God as the explanation for the origin of life. Here’s what we need to know! You can’t hide God! David said, it doesn’t matter where we go, what we’re doing, or what we’re being taught – God is there. A philosopher once asked the question, where is God? He was answered with the following statement, “Let me first ask you, where is He not?”

What kind of God is God?

Many people assume that God is out to get us. He is simply waiting for us to make a mistake so he can pounce on us. But in Psalm 139:10, we discover the purpose behind God’s presence and accessibility. He’s there to lead and to uphold us. Well, you say, maybe for the goody two shoes of life – but what about those of us who have really blown it? In the previous verse David suggests that even when there is seems to be great distance between us and God due to sin in our lives – he’s still there to help us – not punish us. How refreshing to know that we have a God that understands our weaknesses and failures and loves us enough to lead us out of those failures.

What’s the Point?

How differently would you live each day of your life if you lived with the realization that you are living in the very presence of God every moment of every day? There’s no time-out! There’s no do-over’s! There’s nothing that buffers or shields our sin from God’s view! Wow, that’s a lot to think about. While time and distance can hide our actions, thoughts, and words from others – we are constantly and fully exposed before God. With that in mind – let’s determine that as we begin each day of our week to acknowledge God’s presence and ask him to help us live with his wisdom and power. Let’s also ask him for his mercy, for those times, when we find ourselves once again wanting to play Hide And Go Seek!

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