No Excuses

What’s holding you back from being the person God wants you to be in 2015? It’s most likely the same thing that held you back in 2012,13, and 2014. We are creatures of habit after all. Every year, millions of people make resolutions of changes they hope to see take place in their lives. But it turns out those resolutions are nothing more than good intentions that are rarely realized in our lives. Why is this usually the case?

The problem with good intentions

Here’s the problem with good intentions – they are things we are curious about or interested in. But…(and here’s the big but) they are not things we are convicted about or convinced needs to become a reality. In other words our good intentions are nothing more than wishes concerning our lives and our behavior. So as long as things are favorable in our lives we will pursue our good intentions of change. But the moment the pursuit of our intentions runs into difficulty or costs us something to attain – we check out – and leave our good intentions in the land of discarded resolutions.

Now you would think we might be embarrassed over the failure of our resolutions each year. However, we have that angle covered with excuses. These are excuses we have polished over the years – blue ribbon material – they sound great and offer us a guilt-free way to discard our resolutions. So it seems if we are going to experience change in our lives we have to eliminate excuses in our lives. But how do we actually do that?

Next Steps

  1. Ask and answer the right questions: What does God want different about my life and why does he want it to be different?

Sit down in the next couple of days and pray and seek what is holding you back in your spiritual walk with God, in your family life, at work, in your personal development, and in your finances. In each area consider if I were consulting God about each of these areas what would he recommend to change?

Now comes the critical part – why would God recommend this to be different in your life? This will require some searching of the scripture. Believe it or not Google can be a huge help. For instance, type in the following search: scriptures that deal with keeping my body healthyBAMM! There is a plethora (sorry I love that word) or a bunch of verses for you to read. Pick one to be your theme that will keep you focused on the changes God wants you to make. Repeat this process for each area you feel God wants you to make changes in.

How does this help? It locks down for you exactly what you need to focus on in the upcoming year. It turns a wish into a conviction. It gives you resolve in your heart that this area truly needs to change – not because of your interest – but because God wants it to change in your life.

  1. Make the changes God wants in your life part of your prayer list.

Start your day asking God to help you move toward the changes he desires in your life. Read the verse you have associated with each change you are pursuing and make it part of your prayer to God. Claim his word as the reason this needs to happen in your life and ask God for his power to pursue it.

  1. Ask someone else to pray for your progress toward the changes God wants for your life

None of us are islands to ourselves. We need the input and prayers of someone else in our lives. Professional athletes know when they face challenges in their life – they need someone – a trainer to push them on the days they don’t feel they have what they need. We need the same – we need a spiritual partner to pray for us and push us to keep going when we think we don’t have what we need to experience the change.

This New Year can be the best year you’ve ever experienced but only if you are willing to eliminate the excuses in your life. So let’s get started – NO EXCUSES!

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