ChF.A.Q. About Saturday Night Services

Why are we adding another worship service?

We have reached our capacity in our existing worship services.  But don’t I see available seats?  Anytime a church reaches 80% of its seating or parking capacity – it is full.  When it comes to parking – we’ve far exceeded our capacity.  In the month of July we have averaged 87% of our parking capacity in the first service and 99% of our parking capacity in the second service.  During July we averaged 73% of our seating capacity in the first service and 100% during the second service.    There’s a saying that the shoe should never determine how big the foot can grow.  Right now our seating and parking capacity are trying to determine how much our church can grow.  The time has come for us to find a way to make room for others.

Why not look for land to build a bigger building?

The cost of land at this point is practically prohibitive – not to mention the price tag of constructing a new building.  In addition, there is a time element involved in purchasing land and building. The two projects combined of finding land and building, would take well over a year to complete and we’re in need of space now – not a year from now. 

What is our goal in adding another worship service?  

It’s important to understand that our goal at Crosspoint has never been to build a church with a large attendance.  Our goal from day one is to saturate our community and surrounding communities with the love of Jesus – for the sole purpose of reaching every man, woman and child, with the gospel.  Our ultimate goal is to reach a level of health that would allow us to start new churches in surrounding communities.  We see the start of a new worship service as a bridge to get us to a place where we can start a new church in the near future.  Please understand that a new worship service is not a source of pride to point to – in an effort to build a large church.  Another worship service is simply a bridge to take us to the point of starting new churches in the region.  

Why a Saturday Night Service?

There are several reasons why we are experimenting with a Saturday night service.  We realize that Saturday is a non-traditional time for worship – but hey we are an “Out-of-the-Box” church!  One of our objectives as a church is to reach the unchurched. There are times when those who are unchurched find it difficult to motivate themselves to get up early on Sunday morning and go to church.  There are also those who have the misfortune of having to work Sundays. A Saturday night service offers a new opportunity to invite people who might not normally consider attending church.  Jesus told us to be wise in our efforts to reach those without Jesus.  We hope those from Crosspoint who choose to attend Saturday nights will make a concerted effort to reach out to their unchurched family and friends.

What can I expect on Saturday nights?

The Saturday night service will begin at 7:00.  The music and the message will be the same as on Sunday morning.  There will be a nursery – for children birth through 4 years of age.  There will also be Classes for every age group Preschool- Middle school.  At present – there are no children’s classes planned for the Saturday night service.  We will need our people to serve on Saturday nights the same as they serve on Sunday mornings: Parking Lot, Greeters, Hospitality, Ushers, and Nursery.  

Which Service should I attend?

If you’re a college sports fan (especially football) Saturday night may not the right service for you. We are looking for 50 to 60 of our Crosspoint family to commit to make Saturday night their home service.  We will be asking those who attend Saturday night services to serve in the Nursery, Hospitality, Greeters ministry, etc.  – just as in our Sunday services.  So please consider if Saturday night is the right service for you.