The Day Science Died

Remember the good ole days when Lord Science was king and it ruled the world.  Lord Science would flex its muscles and declare itself to be the all-knowing final authority on all things in the universe.  All questions being asked by our culture were directed toward and answered by Lord Science.

When our culture asked, “Where did I come from?” – it was Lord Science that claimed to be the definitive voice.  Lord Science responded to the question by proclaiming that man is the product of randomness.  We weren’t planned, there’s nothing special about us, and we’re simply the product of accidental molecules colliding in space.  science vs religionOur culture responded with a follow up question about their point of origin, “What about creation?”  Lord Science shouted down those who would dare suggest there was a creator, who wanted us, designed and created us, and gave us a purpose for living.  Even those who were not necessarily religious would often look at the wonders of this world and universe and respond, “Are you sure we weren’t created?  We look around and see all this beauty and wonder and it just feels like we’re not the product of randomness!”  But Lord Science growled in an authoritative voice, “Do you dare defy the logic of science?  We don’t base what we know on how we feel or what we personally believe – we base what we know on facts and logic.  Bow to Lord Science and pledge your alliegence!”

When our culture asked, “Can I only be attracted to those of the opposite sex or can I be attracted toward those of the same sex?” – Once again Lord Science provided our culture with its answer.  Lord Science decreed that men and women are born a certain way – while most will be attracted to the opposite sex – still others are born with an attraction toward the same sex.  But culture responded, “Doesn’t the Bible say that same sex attraction is wrong and sinful!” Lord Science huffed a quick and gruff response, “Don’t listen to a bunch of myths about traditional love – religion is based on feelings – misplaced feelings.  Trust me when I tell you – there is scientific proof that you are not doing something unnatural – you were born to love this way! So don’t let someone with misplaced feelings tell you how to live.  Lord Science gives you his approval!”

But then one day culture mused, “I’m a man but I feel like a woman – how can this be?” At first Lord Science declared this feeling to be a mental disorder requiring psychological treatment in hopes to fix the feelings and bring them back into line with science.  But culture insisted that the feelings remained and there was an urge to be Transgender Bathroomaccepted as such, despite what Lord Science said.  Lord Science raised his voice and declared, “No matter what you feel – you cannot change your DNA – Your DNA will always remain male or female regardless of how you feel or dress.  You cannot argue with me – I am Lord Science.”  But defiantly, culture shouts back like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, “I’m tired of being told what I can be or do – you’re no different than religion Lord Science.  Why can’t you let me do whatever I want to do?  It doesn’t matter what you say or religion says, “I want to do what I feel like doing!”  And at that moment, Lord Science relented – not wanting to find itself pitted against culture while finding itself in agreement with the mythical book known as the Bible.

So on Friday May 13, 2016, culture declared Lord Science had died.  The news of Lord Science’s demise came in a declaration from the government as it dictated, “If a boy feels like a girl, or a girl feels like a boy, no one should tell them they are wrong.  Boys that feel like girls can use the girl’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.  We are to pretend as if they are what they feel like.  We are to cease and desist from holding to the facts Lord Science declared undeniable, “men will always be men and women will always be women.” The government insisted, “Today, science, morality and religion is dead.  Defy logic and morality and live as you feel!”

On May 13th culture cast off all of its moorings and set itself adrift.  The casting off actually began by allowing Lord Science to create distrust and eventual abandonment of biblical morality.  Then in an unexpected twist our culture jettisoned Lord Science – by ignoring the facts it presented concerning men and women. Now that morality and all logic is rejected, what’s next?  There are no restraints left in our culture to prevent the things we once deemed unthinkable from becoming accepted behavior.  How can our culture look at pedophiles and declare their desires and actions as wrong – aren’t they acting out on what they feel?  What is to prevent polygamy from becoming the norm of family life – shouldn’t people be allowed to marry whoever and how many they feel like marrying?  How can our culture condemn incest – as long as people have these feelings toward other family members – shouldn’t they be allowed to act on their feelings?

The Bible predicted this type of behavior in 2 Timothy 3:4, “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” If you find yourself morning the madness that has infected our culture – don’t lose hope.  As long as Jesus lives within us – hope lives within us as well.  Our responsibility is to give men and women a reason for the hope that is within us. Oh yeah, one other bit of advice –  Don’t believe everything you hear in the news.  Yes, Friday the 13th may have been the day science died – But God is not dead – he is alive and well!  Pray for our culture that we will be a light to those who choose to find it!