The Winning Game Plan

This week is Super Bowl week!  For the major part of this week “experts” will dazzle us with their opinions about the players and the teams playing in the “big game”.  While we are being distracted by the “experts” – the coaches for each team are hunkered down developing a game plan for victory.  Now if you’re new to the whole football “thingy” – a game plan is like a map or a strategy of how they intend to play the game.  Each player will be given a plan to execute in order to achieve victory. But here’s the big hairy secret – regardless of how flawless the game plan is – it will not be why one team wins or one team loses.  The winner of the Super Bowl will be the team that executes the plan they have been given.

In thegameplan game of life we face a challenging opponent every day of our lives.  His name is Satan and he is no push-over.  Fortunately, Jesus came along over 2,000 years ago and gave us a powerful game plan that will enable us to win against the temptation Satan throws at us each day.  However, the big ask is – will we act on the game plan Jesus has given us?  So let me share with you the plan and encourage you to put it into practice each and every day.

Make Friends With Truth – Satan speaks the language of lies – if his lips are moving he’s “a lyin”. Since he is the prince of this world – we can’t accept what we’re told about life in this world on face value.  We can never believe what Satan tempts us with.  He will promise us pleasure, success, and fulfillment if we take the bait – it’s a lie.  When Satan attacks we need to know the truth.  Truth is comes from the scriptures.  Jesus said, “…Your word is truth.” (John 17:17)  Every time Jesus was tempted by Satan he responded by quoting scripture.  If you want to successfully defeat Satan each day you must start finding out what’s in your Bible.  That means each day we need to take in bite size portion of God’s word into our hearts.  Every day we need to make friends with the truth of the Bible.

Always Know Where The Door Is – Let’s agree that the bait Satan uses to tempt us with looks pretty fantastic.  When Satan shows us the bait sometimes our reaction is, “Sweet – look how awesome this is. I want to eat it, smoke it, drink it, get my hands on it, buy it, etc.”  “I want to make it my very own.” But God says, “Hey there’s a door over here you can walk out of and be free.”  Too many times our response is, “I don’t see any door.”  God’s like, “Really?  Don’t be fooled by the bait look for the hook!”  We all have two choices when Satan tempts us – the hook or the door.  When we see bait – we need to be looking for the door.  When we’re tempted there’s always a door leading to safety – find it!  (1 Cor 10:13,14)

A Setback is not “Game Over” – Because we are human there are times Satan will get the upper hand on us and we will give into temptation.  Remember this – Life is a battle with many rounds.  Just because you were defeated this time – doesn’t mean “game over”.  If you fall to temptation – get up and do battle the next round.  How can you do that?  If you falter – acknowledge to God that you bit the hook rather than running out the door.  When we confess our sin to God he cleanses us and strengthens us for the next battle.  You will experience setbacks and defeat from time to time – they are never permanent!

Execute the game plan Jesus has given you – it’s a winner!