What You Sing About – Matters

EverChristmas Carolingy year we sing these popular songs called Christmas carols. Christmas carols have become a standard way of celebrating the holidays regardless of a person’s religious affiliation.  Songs like “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” have been recorded a combined 14,000 times.  But the queen of all Christmas carols is “Silent Night”- having been recorded a whopping 19,041 times by such artists as Kelly Clarkson, Michael Buble, Cyndi Lauper, The Temptations, Bon Jovi, and Stevie Nicks.

What makes this trio of Christmas carols interesting is their mention of the most controversial topic of Christmas – the virgin birth. It certainly begs the question, did some of these artists actually read the lyrics of these songs before they recorded them?  I wonder what comes to an artists’ mind as they are recording a song about the “virgin birth”?  Is the phrase simply a lyric to them?  Do they see the virgin birth as a myth or a legend? Perhaps they see it as a work of fiction?

Maybe a better question to ask is: what is the virgin birth to you?  Is it a miracle or a myth?

Larry King said if he could ask Jesus one question he would ask him if he was virgin born.  “The answer to that question,” said Larry, “would explain history to me.” The way you and I answer the question will explain what our future will be.

Whew!  Is it just me or did things start to get a little heavy?  I know – it’s Christmas and we shouldn’t be drawing lines in the snow.  Everyone wants to make snow angels and drink hot chocolate. But we can’t just ignore what we’ve been singing about for years?  At some point we have to deal with what we really believe about the virgin birth.

So let’s see what our options are.  On the one hand we can approach the virgin birth as a legend or myth.  But the reality of that option is, it renders Jesus and the entire Christmas story as irrelevant.  Without a virgin birth – Jesus was an ordinary child born into this world just like the rest of us.  There is nothing special about Jesus without a virgin birth and certainly nothing worth celebrating.  In other words, if there is no virgin birth – there is no reason for Christmas.  Christmas is nothing more than Halloween on steroids without a virgin birth.

Our second option is to accept virgin birth as a fact and reality.  If the virgin birth is true – Jesus is not just a baby born in a manger – he truly is the Son of God.  If Jesus is the true Son of God, he’s not only worth celebrating but he’s worth listening to.  If the virgin birth is true – then Jesus truly is the way, the truth, and the life.

You see there’s a lot more at stake in those beloved Christmas carols than just lyrics. This Christmas, take stock of what you really believe concerning the virgin birth you’re singing about.  It does make a difference!